Personalize your user experience with a scalable SEARCH and DISCOVERY platform.

Enable intelligent product discovery to help shoppers, find what they are looking for.

eCommerce personalized merchandising

Product Features

Personalized Merchandizing

Personalized Merchandizing

Show products that your customers are looking for

Follow users with preferred  product suggestions in Home Page, Product Detail Page, Product Listing Page, Cart Page etc.

User Personalization

Personalize products for every user

Understanding user behavior & intent helps you to better understand your customers and recommend items that they are looking for. 

Personalization engine
Offer Management

Dynamic Offer Engine

Show personalized offers to each user

RetailSense Offer Engine allows you to design and automate dynamic offer suggestions at different stages of user journey like first time user, first time buyer, repeat buyer etc.

Semantic Search

Deliver highly relevant search queries

Search service powering Auto-Correct, Search by Attributes, Brands, innovative auto-suggestion with decision supporting labels etc., for powerful discovery. RetailSense also leverages search inputs for strong user persona enrichment aiding personalization.

Search and Discovery Platforms
Omnichannel Personalization

User Analytics

Analytics that helps to understand your users better

Identify and track user segments on multiple aspects of purchase behavior, consumption behavior, lifetime values, frequencies of visits/purchases, etc.

Personalized Retargetting

Engage users with personalized notifcations

Target user segments by sending personalized push notifications, emails of the offers, products they are interested in etc.

Personalized Retargeting

RetailSense Omni-Channel Platform

eCommerce recommendation engine

Impact of RetailSense

Best product recommendation engine


eCommerce personalization software

Increased Life Time Value

Shopping cart recommendations


Suggestion engine

Increased Revenue

AI recommendation engine

Increased Repeat PURCHASE

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RecoSense Infosolutions Pvt Ltd.

RecoSense provides a data intelligent SaaS platform to automate data acquisition, computing, correlation & visualization. Enable Personalization & Recommendation by factoring user behavior & the context of the content. We offer domain based custom solutions for enterprises on our platform.

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