Perosonalize your user experience with a scalable SEARCH and intelligent DISCOVERY platform. 

Help users get content by their followed personalities, categories, topics etc.,without any explicit input.

News Discovery platform

Product Features

Smart recommendations

Automated Metadata Generation

Generate precise structured metadata

MediaSense automates the process of generating metadata for any content such as video or text articles.

Content Recommendation & Personalization

Deliver personalized suggestions to every user

Our engine helps content suggestion across home page, content detail page, category page, In-video suggestions etc.

Content Recommendation and Personalization
Search and Discovery Platforms

Smart Search

Deliver highly relevant search queries

RetailSense Smart Search helps to deliver functionalities like Personalization, Auto-Correct to deliver highly relevant search results. 

Video Player Plugin​

Supported on multiple video players

MediaSense provides java script SDK plugins for video player to increase audience engagement with multiple ways of In-video suggestions.

In Video player suggestions
Omnichannel Personalization

Analytics & User Insights

Understand the success factors

Know how your users are reacting to different content pieces and understand behaviors of your user segments to the contents that is displayed to them.

Personalized Retargetting

Engage users with personalized notifcations

Target individual users or user segment by sending Personalized Push Notifications, Emails of the Live Updates / Movies / Genres they are most likely to watch.

Personalized Retargeting

MediaSense Omni-Channel Platform

Content recommendation engine

Impact of MediaSense

Product discovery

Reduced Bounce Rate

eCommerce personalization engine

Increased Page & Content View

eCommerce personalization software

Increased Life Time Value

Product recommendation

Increased Revenue

Product recommendation software

Increased Repeat Usage

What Our Customers Have to Say

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John Doe

RecoSense Infosolutions Pvt Ltd.

RecoSense provides a data intelligent SaaS platform to automate data acquisition, computing, correlation & visualization. Enable Personalization & Recommendation by factoring user behavior & the context of the content. We offer domain based custom solutions for enterprises on our platform.

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